LED Lighting


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Upgrade your experience with LED lighting inside your sauna.

Carefully integrated special heat-resistant LED lights under the seats will add to the romantic sauna experience during dark evenings.


This accessory is an upgrade to your sauna purchase or custom sauna build. You can discuss any questions with your existing contact helping you to build your dream sauna.

Of course, you can just drop us a line bellow too.

About Outdoor Saunas

Outdoor Saunas is a company from the green Lithuania, with over 20 years of experience in building outdoor saunas.

Lithuania is a country that is very passionate about sauna experience, hence all the craftsmen building saunas know how to make a truly good one.

`The factory is surrounded by ancient and renewable forests famous for its abundance of wild mushrooms, berries and wild life.

Natural wood is sourced from the same renewable forests locally. Saunas are mainly made from pine or spruce and you also have an option to upgrade to thermowood.

When you order your sauna all delivery costs are included in your quote/price.

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