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The Most Modern Corkscrew That Feels Different

It's Details That Make It Special

Colours are matched, rivets are polished shiny, and it clicks in place when it needs to.

The Most Colourful Styles

Sea model is my favourite but there so many other colourful themes and patterns to take your fancy. Or you can just fully customise it too.


It Is A Professional Wine Opening Tool

There are several reasons why the waiter's corkscrew is the most popular wine opener type.

The size - when folded it fits into a pocket or a picnic basket. Hence it is most widely used by waiters, who need to pop one out on the customer request without much delay.

Versatility - surprisingly a lot of other wine opener types do not have foil cutter integrated. Not strictly necessary, but it makes wine opening a little more sleek and tidy.

Two-stage lever - Pulltap's has a two-stage lever, which makes it much easier to pull the cork out. Especially useful when you can't use much strength or if you don't want to spill the wine in front of your guests or customers.

Not All Wine Openers Are Created Equal

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten" - don't choose your corkscrew by it's price.

"What will cross your mind every time you will use it?", "what can you tell others about it?" and "how proud are you own one?" - could also be the way.

Everything Is Customisable

Every single detail on Pulltap's corkscrew is customisable. The handle can be in one of the 14 colours available or even imprint your chosen picture, a logo or a pattern.

The lever comes in a metallic or mat finish, four colour options each. Mine looks lovely in black metallic.

But the best bit for me was an option to choose a left-handed or right-handed worm. Yep, lefties screw their corks the other way.

Integrated Foil Cutter

One of the biggest peeves I have with a lot of really impressive wine openers is the fact that they do not have a foil cutter. Yes, sometimes they might have a separate tool to cut the top of the wine opener, but it gets lost, and it is just not practical.

Hence I love the fact that Pulltap's has one integrated. It has proven practical so many times. And now, I find myself reaching for this wine opener more and more often - and this is one of the reasons.

It is a different way to integrate a blade. I have not seen it before. You push it out instead of trying to fold it with your nails. It is quite neat that the blade automatically pops back in once you open a lever.

Two-Stage Lever

In general, not every waiter's corkscrew will have a two-stage lever. Since it makes a huge difference, I am glad to see that Pulltap's went for it.

Let me explain, when you pull a cork using the lever, it usually does not come all the way out. The rest of the way you pull by force which might (quite often) lead with a wine spill. With a two-stage lever, I can use it to take the cork out completely with no force at all. I remain in full control, and the cork comes out gently.

If you are not sure what I am talking about, check this video on How To Use A Wine Opener - 5 Corkscrew Types Explained.

Great Option As A Gift

An impressive corkscrew can make a great gift. Here are five reasons why I think it is an excellent choice for many occasions:

1. Pulltap's corkscrews are of high quality and really good looking.

2. It has an option to customise it - match the recipient's favourite colour or imprint a moving image.

3. There is a great story to tell. "Made in Spain" or "made in Barcelona" is a great conversation starter.

4. Pulltap's offers excellent value for money. Even with customisable options, it will come to way bellow 50 EUR. Definitely, one of the cheaper quality wine opener options I came across.

5. A really nice wooden box comes as an option when buying online.

Made In Spain

Pulltap's corkscrews are made in Spain, and the website says it is made in Barcelona (but it means a district, not the town).

The company itself is actually located in a nearby city of Sabadell. It is a city which is famous for its wool and metal production.

Thanks to this link Pulltap's can still tap into this metal production know-how and produce their corkscrews here.

Now Sabadell is a modern and eco-conscious city which is visited by a lot of tourists. It also has a great talent to enable the Pulltap's to lead the wine opener industry by innovation - proven by the modern look of their products and ability to customise your corkscrew extensively.

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