What Is Made In Denmark

A country where the lego invention comes from.

So, What is Made in Denmark

It is not about the label, but the pride these makers put into their products.

is probably one of the world's most famous countries, mostly known for its food, climate, art, and architecture. Many people tend to see it as an incredibly unique country, and 'made in Italy' label carry a lot of weight worldwide. But why is that?

This is due to three many reasons. First, Italy is dotted with many small, family owned w

Handmade Ceramics

There is a surprising number of artisans creating unique designs with glass and ceramics. As expected, one can find a wide range of styles and colours.

Personally, I am glad to see that there is a natural development in this craftsmanship. There are still traditional makers like Royal Copenhagen, tracing their history back to 1775 and the Danish monarchy. And, at the same time also, observing a vibrant wave of young and aspiring artists following contemporary Scandinavian and more daring designs.

I had the pleasure to visit the WAUW boutique in Osterbo, showcasing an impressive range of uniquely mixed and blended colourful designs made by Sussi.

And, to witness the glazing process at the Copenhagen Handmade Ceramics workshop run by Tine - those beautiful pieces seem to mean so much when you meet such artisans and hear what inspires them.

Leather Products

In Italy, it is generally true that each region is specialising in one type of products. For example, in the centre of Italy, the region of Marche, is all about leather products.


Contrary to popular belief, jeans were 'invented' in and not America.

Name 'jeans' originate from around 400 years ago, when harbour workers in the Italian city of Genoa, wore clothes made from sturdy Arabic cotton and called it 'Geanes fustian'.


Wood inlay technique originated from the Naples region in XVI century. It is used to create patterns and pictures on the furniture, wall pictures and jewellery boxes. Hence it is not surprising that you can still find such makers in this region today.

Recently, while travelling along the coast of Italy, I discovered a maker of special wooden musical boxes in the city of Sorrento. Among his designs, you can see c

Cooking Utensils

As we all known have an exceptional coffee culture and hence it is not


Panerai is undoubtedly the most famous Italian watchmaker. It is known for making diving watches for the Italian navy for over 50 years. But there are other, less-k


Every biking fan will tell you, Italy is cult and a legend for its cycling history


Germany is the known for its engineering innovation and quality. Discover what is made in Germany these days.


Making your hunt for gift ideas easy. Let us give you some exciting ideas from Italy.

thumbnail link to cups

Italian coffee experience can take so many shapes. It can be due to the beans, Moka pot or a name, But what about the classic espresso cups?


We spent years searching the web, artisan shops and visiting variety of makers in Europe. Find out what we discovered to help your gift hunting.

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