Custom Made Outdoor Sauna


  • panoramic view window - a truly modern and unique sauna experience where interior merges with the outdoors.
  • Craftsmanship - handmade by skilful craftsmen to your order.
  • Personalisation - choose the size of your seating area, wood and tile colours.
  • Off-grid option - wood-burning stove option is ideal for remote or electricity-free locations.
  • Ventilation vents - ensure fresh air supply without a temperature drop.

Have questions? Need advice? Send us a quick note:

  • Preparation              
  • Delivery Information            
  • Our Support      

What do you need to do from your side, before your saunas arrival?

  • there is no need for the foundations - sauna comes with a wooden base. But, it can be useful if the ground is constantly wet.
  • ensure that road leading to your property fits standard lorry, if it does not please let us know
Delivery Information            
  • We will arrange a standard lorry or a smaller truck to deliver your sauna to your provided address.
  • We deliver anywhere in the EU and, Switzerland and the UK. For other countries please get in touch for custom delivery quotes.
  • We will arrange a local crane or a forklift to be there for unloading (let us know if you have a local contact - that will make delivery arrangement faster)
  • Delivery costs are included in price.
Our Support      
  • You will have one dedicated person dealing with all aspects of your sauna - from ordering, to delivery. He/she will also be there if you need further assistance after your sauna has arrived.
  • Our offices are located in the UK, London; Brussels, Belgium and Alytus, Lithuania.
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Enhance your experience with these optional upgrades:

sauna accessory - external light
External Lights


Sauna Heater Upgrade


recommended option for sauna build
Water Tank


upgrade option - led lights
LED Lighting


About Outdoor Saunas

Outdoor Saunas is a company from the green Lithuania, with over 20 years of experience in building outdoor saunas.

Lithuania is a country that is very passionate about sauna experience, hence all the craftsmen building saunas know how to make a truly good one.

Natural wood is sourced from local renewable forests. Saunas are mainly made from pine or spruce and you also have an option to upgrade to thermowood.

When you order your sauna all delivery costs are included in your quote/price.

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