Playful Kids Plates


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This is a truly playful plate for kids. Any toddler would love to eat from a plate like this, and be warned – that will become his or her favourite plate to eat from.

Kids find such plates more engaging and easier to be playful when they need to be convinced to eat. It works as a divided plate for children with three separate compartments.

For adults, it can also serve as a stylish and natural stack tray, that can be displayed as a design feature or to add a playful touch to a snack table with friends.

It comes in two shapes – like a bunny or a kitty, and, to tell you the secret, due to its popularity the wood craftsmen are working on the new designs. Hence there will be more choices in the near future.

Made in Ukraine, from the king trees – oak. The team of craftsmen source their it from certified renewable forests from around the country. Furthermore, the whole team plants the trees twice a year in their local communities.

It is eco-friendly – since kids plates tend to have shorter usage, unlike plastic, they can be easily burned or composted.



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