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Wooden Hammock With A Stand


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Unique wooden hammock for outdoors and indoors.

Two passionate interior designers had too much time on their hands during Corona restrictions - and that is the outcome.

Such a unique wooden hammock is surprisingly comfortable – wooden panels freely float along the ropes, allowing them to adjust to the user's body shape. It is also more stable and easier to get into than a traditional fabric hammock. For further comfort, 15cm high edges lean inwards, creating natural protection from falling out should you swing out to one side a little too much.

How it works

Despite being made from wood, it is still breathable, thanks to the gaps – a useful feature on the hot summer day, when the breeze above and below is appreciated.

In addition to being a tremendous outdoor hammock, it can be used as a focal point in interior design too. Its striking design, with clean lines and the natural warmth of wood, can make a big difference to a bland space.

The optional stand will allow hammock owners to enjoy its tranquillity throughout the year and give more flexibility to the gardens without many solid trees where you could hook your hammock.

Making process

The team, who work in the wooden parts of France, make them locally. And there is a good reason for that - French Chesnut wood is widely available in a nearby Haute-Vienne and is certified as an ecologically friendly renewable material.

Chesnut is also often a favourite with outdoor furniture makers, thanks to its water-resistance properties. To extend its life even further, they preserve it with a natural preservative - linseed oil.

Made in France, with ecological values in mind.

Size: width - 91 cm (36 inches) / lenght - 220 cm (86 inches)



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Thanks to our direct relationships with Italian artisans we guarantee authenticity of all product. In fact, every item you buy will come with authenticity certificate.

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Care Recommendations

Earthenware products form a web of tiny lines in glazing. It is natural and often a sought after effect of such products.

It is advisable not to expose your products to sudden and drastic temperature changes to avoid cracking.

Orvieto creations are not recommended for use in the microwave.

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