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Ball Pit

The ball pit is every toddler's favourite toy - their own private space and playground. The ball pit with colourful balls is an exciting space for children that helps with their motor, visual and sensory development.

It also gives peace of mind to parents - as it is a great way to give your hands a rest and keep your child busy in a safe, somewhat partitioned environment.

As you can see from our website, we greatly emphasise European quality standards. This toy is certified with CE markings which guarantee the materials' safety. It was made in Poland under strict European manufacturing regulations. Each product also undergoes strict quality inspection before being shipped to the customers.

For the child's safety, the pit is made from a soft (but not easy to deform) foam and the bottom is covered by non-slippery fabric.

The pit comes in three colours: light blue, pink and black. The packaging will also contain a pack of 200 balls in three colour mixes, with a touch of pink, gold or silver.

Thanks to its lightweight and size, it can be used in smaller apartments or taken outside to the park, terrace or garden.

The fabric covering the pit is easy to clean and can be unzipped and washed in a washing machine (up to 40┬░ C).

It is one of our most popular products for children, often bought as a gift for toddlers.

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