Outdoor Saunas

Located in a leafy Lithuanian forest, next to a lake, the 'Outdoor Saunas' makes unique outdoor saunas for gardens, homes and countryside escapes.

This unique design can further improved with various options and personalisation plates.

If you like it, you can buy it directly from us here - we deliver anywhere in Europe.

Wooden outdoor sauna and bathing experiences for your garden or outdoors.

By tapping into deep rooted cultural sauna experience the workers and designers experiment with new ideas for making saunas and hot tubs. Hence here you will find a few more interesting designs.


Iglu Saunas

Perfect sauna for your garden or an outdoor spot with fantastic views.

A true modern sauna experience.


Barrel Saunas

Take your sauna to the best spot - unique portable saunas on wheels.

Or have it fixed in your garden.

Hot Tubs

Innovative wood burning heaters in these hot tubs let you enjoy them with no electricity connection.


Customisation options

Since you will be ordering directly from the expert sauna makers, you can choose and personalise many aspects of your dream outdoor sauna.

Here are some of the most popular options and enhancements.

Outdoor Saunas Shop - Service:


Full Service

We help you create the best sauna for your needs and expectations.

One dedicated person to answer all your questions.



Your sauna can be delivered in 2 - 4 weeks, anywhere in Europe.

We arrange transportation and crane - all included in the final price.



Saunas come with all required equipment. You only need a basic electricity connection - an hour for a local tradesman to prepare.

Have questions about saunas? Need support? Contact us!

Brussels, Belgium (NL, FR, EN)

Tomas - +32 460 200 444

| Brussels, Belgium |

Iglu Outdoor Saunas

Find your dream sauna, select your personalisation and send us a quote request to calculate your all inclusive price depending on your location.

Custom Made Iglu Sauna


Small Outdoor Sauna – Iglu


Barrel Saunas

A classic sauna design with a modern touch. All saunas are made to order, hence you can design and personalise as little or as much as you want.

factory making custom saunas
Custom Made Barrel Sauna


Portable Barrel Sauna


sauna outdoors
Large Barrel Sauna – For 8-12 people


Additional Customisation Options

Some more options and information about how you can customise your sauna. We will always review and confirm with you before building your design.

sauna accessory - external light
External Lights


recommended option for sauna build
Water Tank


upgrade option - led lights
LED Lighting


Sauna Heater Upgrade


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the 'Outdoor Saunas' made?

Wooden Outdoor Saunas are made in Lithuania, a factory dedicated to wood outdoor saunas and hot tubs. All workers enjoy sauna themselves, as it is part of Lithuanian culture - hence we are passionate about what we do.

How long does it take to make a sauna?

We have a small rolling stock of standard saunas ready to ship at the moments notice. Customisations usually take up to 2 weeks, depending on your requirements.

Do you arrange delivery and installation?

We take care of delivery to anywhere in Europe. These saunas are designed to be carried by standard trucks, and can be lifted by ordinary cranes and fork lifts. Your price will include delivery and local crane/fork lift hire.

What if I have limited access to my property?

For locations with limited access we have two solutions:

  1. We can arrange non-standard transportation, or crane to deal with local obstacles.
  2. Your sauna can be shipped to you completely dismantled. Such shipment is more compact and hence it much easier to reach difficult destinations. We can provide assembly assistance in UK, Belgium or Lithuania. In other locations you can hire a local carpenter or assemble it yourself. It does not require any special tools or knowledge. Our clients, with some help, often build it in a day or two. Could be a good reason to hang out with a few buddies?
What preparations do I need for sauna installation?

Very minimal.

All saunas and hot tubs come with a wooden base, which does not require any foundations.

Wood heated saunas and hot tubs do not require any electricity connection (in models without lighting). Which is ideal for remote locations.

Electric stone heater powered saunas and saunas with internal and external lighting will require standard 220-230V cable connection. It can be connected via EEC plug or connected to an installed electric box (your choice).

What are the payment conditions?

For standard saunas we require full payment before shipping.

Custom saunas will require 40% payment to start works. The rest before the shipping date.

Online or bank transfer payments accepted.

What support do you provide?

In UK and Belgium we have local tradesman to help with any potential issues.

In other countries we will be happy to arrange a local tradesman to come to your help.

You will have one dedicated person to help you with the order, co-ordinate delivery and be your contact person afterwards.

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